Sunday, June 12th, Tired of Revolver always being closed on Sunday? WELL, it is official, Revolver is now open for brunch on Sunday’s! Service starts this Sunday, June 12th at 11 AM and you do not want to miss out on Michael’s mascarpone stuffed brioche french toast with fresh blueberries! Call now (419.424.4020) to make reservations!

Saturday, May 28th, The time has finally come!  This Saturday, May 28th, Chris Spradlin will be opening our summer saturday nights of music! Music starts at 10 pm, weather permitting. Come has a drink and enjoy some live music! There is no cover charge.

Thursday April 28th, guest chefs Valerie Bolon, Erin Mooney, Josh Adams, and David Dworshakwill be working along side chef/owner Michael Bulkowski at Revolver!  We will be offering a six to seven course tasting menu for $100 a person (alcohol, tip, and tax excluded).  Only one seating at 6:30 p.m. Please call for reservations.



Saturday August 28th, the one and only Dave Phillips will be on the patio. As always the show starts at 10pm and there is no cover charge.

Saturday September 4th, Fuzzy Samuels plays his farewell to findlay show. Fuzzy will being going away to his winter home shortly, so come say goodbye!

Saturday September 11th, Chris Spradlin will perform on the patio.

Saturday Septmber 18th, Tressa Benedetti will perform on the patio.

Thursday September 23rd, The first installment of our Art and Dining series. We are so proud to feature the art of our very own Rachel Nasatir. We will be offering a five course tasting menu for $45. $70 with wine pairing. All paintings will be for sale. Please call for reservations.

Saturday September 25th, Blaine Dillinger will join us on the patio.


A much anticipated and exciting new restaurant has opened up in Findlay, Ohio that is destined to place this town on the map for area food and wine connoisseurs.

Revolver opened its doors on November 27, 2006 and is pleasantly surprising the residents of Findlay and surrounding towns.  Revolver is located at 110 East Sandusky Street in Findlay’s Downtown area.  The Downtown area was a natural choice for owners Michael and Debi Bulkowski, who have a sincere appreciation for both the architectural charm and the communal warmth of the Downtown business community.

Conceptually, Revolver focuses on modern Midwestern cuisine in a Mid-century modern setting.  From the 1950s hand-blown Blenko glass decanters that appear to be almost floating atop glass shelving to the avocado, orange and robin’s egg blue color-schemed mosaic tiles that line the counter seating area, it is evident that the design is deeply rooted in all things atomic.  Owners, who were responsible for the design of the restaurant, admit that the atmosphere is unmistakably inspired by their shared passion for Eames era and Danish modern decor.

Even the logo, also created by the owners incorporates the colors and symbols of this timeless design period.  The logo integrates the elements they felt were also highly relevant to the overall dining experience they wish to offer their customers, namely seasonality (indicated by the planetary reference) and music (look carefully…there is a record album).  The weekly menu features an artist whose music will be played for the entire week.  There is no musical genre excluded.  Featured artists to date include The Beatles, John Coltrane, Gillian Welch, David Bowie, Nina Simone and Tom Waits.

Revolver is dedicated to constantly recreating the first dining experience for its customers.  This is accomplished by regularly rotating their menu to expose their customers to new and different foods, including monk fish and foie gras.   Revolver’s ever-changing menu incorporates seasonal ingredients that are grown locally.  By networking with Ohio’s local and independent organic farmers, Revolver is able to offer the absolute freshest produce while maintaining their dedication to stimulating the local economy.  Debi Bulkowski said, “We are in the heartland and have access to some of the most gorgeous produce available.  We have been warmly received by the organic farming community and there really is something special about meeting the individuals who are responsible for the perfect arugula.”  Their menu includes the names of the farms whose products are featured in the menu of the moment and include Dickman Farms (Fostoria), Luginbill Farms (Pandora), Daisyfield Farms (Sandusky), Garden Spirit Farms (Mount Blanchard), Miller’s Meats (Findlay) and Wolfe’s Nuts (Findlay).

Owner and Chef Michael Bulkowski has designed a menu that offers a variety of flavors and ingredients but that retains a level of simplicity.  Because the menu is in a constant state of metamorphosis, he didn’t feel it necessary to overwhelm his customers with options.  Rather he has decisively focused on perfecting each of the dishes included in the menu and places an evident emphasis on quality.  A typical menu will include three or four appetizer options, two types of salad, a featured soup and five or six entrée selections.

The wine list is intended to evolve with the menu.  Mindful of the large German population in Northwest Ohio, Michael has made an effort to highlight Austrian, German and Alsatian wine labels.   The wine list is designed to be eclectic without being pretentious.  The wine list is a multiplicity that spans from the very approachable Riesling and Gewürztraminer to the highly complex Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon; however, because Chef Michael Bulkowski personally pairs wines that complement the current menu, each of the selections is equally capable of palatable harmony.  Revolver will always offer several wines that are available by the glass.  Revolver also showcases Blue Sky Certified organic sodas, Revolution iced and hot teas and Coffee Amici french press coffees.

Revolver is open for dinner Monday through Saturday.  First seating begins at 5:30pm.  Reservations are recommended, especially for the quick-to-fill weekend nights.  There is no dress code at Revolver, as their primary concern is their customers’ comfort.  Revolver is also more than happy to accommodate private parties.


For reservations or additional information, please call (419) 424-4020.


Michael Bulkowski has been cultivating his culinary expertise for more than a decade.


Having spent the past eight years working at critically acclaimed fine dining restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, Michael is determined to bring the best of the city dining experience to Findlay.  Born in Findlay, Ohio in 1971, Michael knew very early on that his passion was in the field of cooking.  Michael worked in several kitchens in Findlay, Ohio, including The Bistro on Main and The Greentree Tavern.  These positions served as a gateway introduction into the cooking world and inspired him to seek opportunities to learn more and advance in the industry.

In 1995, Michael moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he obtained an entry-level position in Emeril Lagasse’s MGM kitchen.  In 1996 Michael moved to Chicago, Illinois, and this is when Michael’s true on-the job training began.   His first position was as line cook at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago.  Shortly after starting, he was extended an offer to work at Trio Restaurant in Evanston, Illinois, a much heralded four-star dining establishment.  Always having a fascination with independently owed and operated fine dining restaurants, Michael eagerly accepted the position.  Within his first two years, Michael rose from Chef Garde manger to Sous Chef to Chef Shawn McClain.

When Chef Shawn McClain, along with partners Sue and Peter Drohomyrecky, made the decision to open Spring Restaurant, Michael was asked to serve in the capacity of Sous Chef and actively participated in every aspect of this threesome’s launch of their new restaurant.  Only months after their June 2001 opening, Spring was nominated by the James Beard Foundation as the “Best New Restaurant” of 2001.

After two highly successful years of business, the partners of Spring began collaborating on plans to develop the vegetable-focused Green Zebra.  Michael was offered the position of Chef de Cuisine and was instrumental in Green Zebra’s seemingly over-night success.   Green Zebra was awarded the hospitality industry’s highly coveted “Best New Restaurant” distinction by Chicago Magazine.   While at Green Zebra, Michael adopted his philosophy of focusing on locally-grown and seasonally-inspired cuisine.   This serves, in large part, as his inspiration for Revolver.

Michael relocated back to Findlay, Ohio in 2005 and has been working tirelessly to bring his vision to life.